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With well-founded experience in the construction industry and a team of experienced software engineers, we are setting new standards in the efficiency of your projects.

As solution partner, we work with some of the most popular software providers, among others:


Custom Software Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Automation in Design

Automation can significantly enhance efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness across various stages of the design process.

As an example, parametric design allows designers to automatically adjust and optimize design elements based on a set of rules or parameters, enabling rapid exploration of design alternatives and optimization for performance or cost.

Software Integrations

Software integrations enables different applications to communicate and share data in real-time through APIs.

Our services facilitate direct synchronization between your preferred engineering and architecture software, removing manual data transfers. This streamlines workflows, saves time, and minimizes errors, ensuring projects remain accurate and up-to-date across preferred platforms.

Data Insights

BIM models are rich data reservoirs, encapsulating detailed information about your construction projects.

As a service provider, we specialize in transforming this data into custom visualizations and dashboards. These insights will aid in decision-making, improving project outcomes by facilitating more informed and strategic planning.

Smart Objects

Smart BIM objects, embedded with comprehensive product information, are pivotal for product suppliers.

By creating extensive product libraries, our team enables suppliers to significantly boost their visibility among BIM designers. The increased usage not only streamlines project design and execution for project stakeholders, but ultimately drives growth for suppliers by ensuring their products are the preferred choice in the planning process.


Our general approach to development projects

Requirement Analysis

Determining your needs and technical requirements.


Creating a Minimum Viable Product to demonstrate the core functionalities and collect your feedback.

Phased development

Product development in close cooperation plus iterative improvements based on your feedback.

Value enhancement

Continuous value enhancement of the product while controlling risk and costs.


Explore some of our recent projects

Allplan Python Parts for Peikko

Fixtures that do what you want

With our Python Part for Peikko, Allplan users now can do the following when using Peikko column shoes in their design:


Our background and mission

GSI, short for German Software Intelligence, originated from a modest team of German structural engineers. Our initial focus was developing Python plug-ins for the software used in our daily operations, aiming to automate tasks and save working time. This initiative quickly garnered the interest of a prominent software producer for structural engineering in Germany, leading to a collaboration to develop additional features for their native software. This partnership marked the official launch of GSI.

Responding to the growing demand for our development services, we expanded our operations into Southeast Asia. Today, GSI boasts a team of over 50 employees across our offices in Berlin, Singapore, and Saigon. Our team is dedicated to delivering custom solutions designed to enhance the efficiency of our customers’ and partners’ daily work.

Our mission is to eliminate repetitive tasks for architects and engineers, improve decision-making processes, and pave the way for a future where building projects are executed swiftly, sustainably, and safely. We are committed to leveraging our expertise to transform the structural engineering landscape, ensuring that our clients can focus on innovation and creativity in their projects.


Discover some of the people behind GSI, who work every day to make your construction projects not only more efficient, but also more future-oriented.

sascha avermiddig

Sascha Avermiddig

General Manager

Daniel Bacon

Technical Director


Phi Chau,

Software Engineering Manager

Vasilii Kuznetsov

Team Lead Cloud Development


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